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Getting off Hormonal Birth Control without crazy side effects

This is your go-to self-paced mini-course, with everything you need to know to prepare your body to get off hormonal birth control safely - no nasty side effects, no missing periods for 18 months or more, no heavy periods, or months of cystic acne. More details below.

Plus, you get 1 FREE follow-up call* with Dr. Maria (value 350€)

*This is where you can get tailored tips on applying the course material to your life.

Note: This call can only be booked after the completion of the course for maximum success.

In this Mini-Course you will discover:

✔ How hormonal birth control works and how it is not fixing your hormonal imbalances

✔ How Hormonal Birth Control is having a negative impact in the body short-term and long-term

✔ The ideal timeline to prepare the body to transition off hormonal birth control and why

✔ Why we could get post-birth control symptoms when we stop taking it without preparation

✔ The exact nutrition steps you need to take to prevent rebound symptoms such as heavy bleeding, cramps, cystic acne, PCOS, missing periods, bloating and mood swings once you stop taking hormonal birth control

✔ What to do if you already ditched hormonal borth control but are currently struggling with the symptoms described above

✔ What are the non-hormonal birth control methods you have available to you, so you can confidently keep enjoying your sex life without anxiety of an unwanted pregnancy

Meet Dr. Maria

Women's Hormone Health Specialist

Coming off hormonal birth control can be a crazy bumpy ride. Even though, theoretically, it does not require that you wean off it, what most women experience is a return of the symptoms they were put on hormonal birth control for (but usually much more pronounced).

You can experience post-birth control symptoms whether you’ve been on it for a couple of months or many years — however those on it for close to or over a decade, are more likely to experience more pronounced hormonal imbalances when they come off the hormonal birth control.

There's no need for you to get cystic acne and painful periods back into your life for many months and even years after stopping hormonal birth control. So I want to make this process as easy and seamless as it can get for you.

This is why I've built this Mini-Course. So you can educate yourself on the best nutrition and other lifestyle practices to start doing asap, so that your body is ready for this next chapter of healing and feeling more like yourself than ever before.

This is for you if:

✅ Your intention is to get off hormonal birth control within the next 2 months to a year

✅ You've recently stopped hormonal birth control and have all your old hormonal symptoms back

✅ You want to get off hormonal birth control but are stopping yourself with the fear of pregnancy


When should I do this Masterclass?

You can do it anytime you want because you get to keep this masterclass for life. But if we're talking strategy, then you should be implementing the learnings from this masterclass at least 2-3 months before ditching hormonal birth control.

If you already stopped taking it (and it has been less than 1 year) then this is also perfect for you to start now, and bring some much-needed balance to the body,

I have been diagnosed with PCOS for years now. Will this help too?

The point of this program is to help support the body during the transition off of hormonal birth control. It is not intended whatsoever to guide you through healing hormonal problems and period problems. 

If you want help with serious hormonal issues that you've struggled with for years, then my 1-1 coaching is what I  recommend as your next step. This program is created to help you heal from hormonal issues such as PCOS, heavy periods, irregular periods, PMS, etc.

Take a deeper look here, or book a free consultation call.

Do you offer refunds?

We have a strict no-refund policy. This is a masterclass with immediate delivery. There is no coaching involved.

Dr. Maria 

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