From Hormonal Mess To Hormonal Bliss

Acne, mood swings, period pain, fatigue, bloating, depression every cycle?

Sounds familiar?

Let's make them unfamiliar.

Let's take your hormones through the healling journey they need, so that your cycle stops sabotaging your life.

What you will take away fom this ebook:

✨The biggest secret in women's health - the infradian rhythm - what is it, why haven't you heard about it, and how it can change the course of your female health

✨Why women need to work with their infradian rhythm to achieve a symptomless cycle (no PMS, no mood swings, no cramps, no acne!)

✨How women can take advantage of their menstrual cycle to be their most productive selves, and leave burnout and overwhelm behind

✨The ideal cycle syncing productivity calendar, so that you know exactly what to be focusing on at each stage of your menstrual cycle

✨ What it takes to heal your hormones imbalances - what are the necessary steps to get rid of your symptoms forever, and not just for a few weeks of months

✨4 underrated issues that are showing you that your hormones are out of whack and what to do about them

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