What is Spirulina?  

Spirulina, known as blue-green algae believed to be one of the oldest life forms on Earth, is hailed as the most powerful nutrient-dense superfood containing the highest source of raw protein on the planet.

First used by the Aztecs as an endurance-booster, Spirulina is now used by NASA for space travel — for its all-in-one source of nutrients.

Spirulina contains a brilliant blue-green rare antioxidant phytonutrient called phycocyanin which has multiple therapeutic benefits. 

What is FRESH Spirulina? 

Most, if not all, powdered Spirulina is the dead ash remains of the original fresh harvest. You're investing in a product that brings you little benefit.

You have to start saying goodbye to synthetic toxic supplements, pills, powders, or potions and start using REAL FOOD such as fresh Raw Living Spirulina.

It contains all of nature’s micronutrients required by the body to function optimally including a rainbow of Phytonutrients, Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Omega fatty Acids, Enzymes, Vitamins, Minerals.

According to a 2012 NASA study, 1 pound of fresh Spirulina is equal to 1000 pounds of fresh vegetables.

Say what?

Imagine what that does to your body long-term. Even if you tried, it would be impossible to eat that many vegetables in a short-period of time.

What's even more impressive is that it is 100% bioavailable. That means that what you eat, your body can readily absorb and there's no waste of nutrients. You get them all at a cellular level.

This is the true meaning of paying for Health Care. Every penny you spend is ACTUALLY protecting you against nutrient deficiencies that could lead to chronic problems long-term. 

Just one week of using it daily, you immediately notice results in mental clarity and energy. Yes, it's that powerful.

And it's always continuosly tested to guaranttee safety.

No contaminants. No toxins. No heavy metals. Pure spirulina.

Health Benefits (there's too many, so here are some)

  • Cancer-fighting properties
  • Reducing plasma concentrations of total cholesterol
  • Improvements in blood pressure and endothelial function
  • Helps manage blood sugar levels (Significant for people with Type 2 Diabetes)
  • Effective in increasing isometric muscle strength and endurance. 
  • May help protect against harmful allergic reactions
  • May help treat anemia
  • Prevents the buildup of fat in your liver, reduces liver inflammation, and protects your liver from damage by heavy metals, like lead and mercury.
  • Lowers risk of stroke
  • Prevents eye issues like cataracts
  • Slows aging by activating adult stem cells and reducing oxidative damage
  • Helps protect against arthritis and other inflammatory diseases
  • Supports heart health and blood flow
  • Improves memory and learning impairments

Give a try. You got nothing to lose. Vitality is waiting for you!

Maria Tedim, PhD

Dr. Maria is the Founder of the 'Becoming Limitless Academy', a Lifestyle Performance Coaching program she wished someone had created early in her 20s, to guide her to a healthier, happier and more fulfiling life.

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